Acces Immo Tanger - Real Estate Agency in Tangier

AccesImmoTanger offers a range of high quality properties on Tangier and its surroundings. If you are looking to invest in a property for personal use, for resale or for a rented stake, we can lead you to make the best choice.

With its highly experienced team, your real estate agency hoping to offer the best investment opportunities in Tangier and its surroundings, accompanying you during all your steps.

We work with leading developers in the region to offer the best residential and commercial premises in the region.

Our goal is to support you and simplify your investment projects in Tangier and about.

Since opening the market to foreign investors, Tangier has become one of the most important destinations for real estate investments. Booming, enjoy this exceptional period to realize a strategic and highly profitable investment.

ImmoTanger access is a major player in the real estate sector in Morocco. We offer a multitude of services to our French clients, English and Arabic. Our customers can benefit from an excellent return on investment.

Why choose our agency?

1- Having the best information
As an investor, you need to have all the necessary information on the properties to buy and its geographical location.
2 - Having the best advice
We work closely with leading developers in the region. We are aware of all current and future projects on Tangier and its surroundings. So we can help you benefit from the best opportunities of the moment.
3 - Personalized service
We have a good understanding of the different needs of investors customers. Professionals or individuals, we bring you a customized solution to meet your expectations.
4 - Many other services
In the case of an investment, you can entrust the rental of your property but also its maintenance and resale.