Property valuation


Best Selling - Best Buy is First Best Estimate.

They aim to clear the value of a property corresponding to the fair price which could be bought or sold, under normal free market.

In other words, we help you to estimate the "real" value of a house or an apartment in a moment. Estimated value: house, house, villa, apartment, riad...

Our interventions focus on different types of property: house, villa, apartment, riad, commerce and so on.

It may be the primary or secondary residence, a property that you own or leased. We also expertisons the market value of building land or not We also expertisons real estate professionals.


You are tempted to buy real estate, but you ask yourself lots of questions. Is it a good investment? Is this the right time? Is this the best way to build its assets or prepare for retirement? It's now or never, it's even a chance of a lifetime to make the right decision: yes, you should buy to fill your own good or for rent, given the price of real estate...

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Properties value

The development of your home The successful sale of your home depends in part on the impression that potential buyers will have in visiting. Its development is therefore of paramount importance. A host of factors can help you achieve the best possible price for your property. Some of them may incur but these can probably be recovered at the time of the sale of your home. You find, on the next page, a form of preparation to...

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Property sale

One of the essential stages of the sale to vote for house is l establishment d a realistic price(prize). To arrive there, you need connaitre the current state of the market. Your real estate agent can give you an idea of the real value of your house compare her(it) the other similar properties at present in wind in the...

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Property investment

purchase d an accommodation(housing) presents almost always more d favor that a rent, it remains to be seen for which reasons you wish to make this approach(initiative) and how to choose sensibly your good(property), the answers to these preliminary questions will allow you to start well your project...

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