Property Sale

One of the essential stages of the sale to vote for house is l establishment d a realistic price(prize). To arrive there, you need connaitre the current state of the market. Your real estate agent can give you an idea of the real value of your house compare her(it) the other similar properties at present in wind in the neighborhood, or sold ré will so be easier you to fix a just and competitive sale price.

You also owe identify the elements which can act positively or negatively on the value of your house; sale, dimensions, year of construction and state of preservation of l building, number and arrangement(measure) of rooms(parts,plays), used building materials, arrangement(development) of the ground, characteristics private individual of the sector.

This exercise will incite you can - be to reduce the price(prize) asked for your property because a price(prize) too much raised(brought up) with regard to walks(works) will take away the buyers and will have consequently an influence express at the time(weather).