Properties Value


The development of your home

The successful sale of your home depends in part on the impression that potential buyers will have in visiting. Its development is therefore of paramount importance. A host of factors can help you achieve the best possible price for your property. Some of them may incur but these can probably be recovered at the time of the sale of your home. You find, on the next page, a form of preparation to help you plan the operations of preparing your house for its sale.

First Impressions

First impressions have a significant impact on the perception that canned after one visit. We must therefore go back n some visual aspects. The exterior of the house is in good condition? Have the gutters need repairs? The garage has he been cut and raked? Hedges and shrubs do they need to be pruned? If it's winter, snow was it removed? The doorbell works she? The door linings are they in good condition?

Preparation Sheet

Make a list of jobs needed to enhance your home. The perception of visitors to its place will be even better. Maybe you're able to run multiple jobs yourself, which will facilitate the sale of your property without costing you a lot of however, may require some work on stroke costs. It may, however, some work, if they can not guarantee that the price will be raised to compensate for their costs, increase at least your chances of selling your property faster.

Interior aspect

The cracks are repaired? Touch-up paint is desirable? Leaky faucets were they repaired? Y is there light bulbs? The doors do they need a drop of oil?

The bathrooms shine? The seals around the bath were they rebuilt? The floors are clean?

A household is needed depth there? The sink and faucets are clean? The cabinets are they flawless inside and out?

The lights are lit? The air conditioner works there if it's hot? Is there a fire in the fireplace if it's cold? Are the curtains open during the day? Have you thought to put a bit of soft music? Your plants and your flowers do they look great? The animals are they missing or trapped during visits? Aeration is sufficient?